beauty of the human form in glass - figurative glass sculptures

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The beauty of the female and male body has influenced these Glass Sculptures..

Creating life-size sculptures in glass is technically very difficult but the result is stunning when you incorporate the beauty of glass how it with reacts and bends either natural or artificial light. Our sculptures feature in a book called ....Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass

Virtually all of our glass sculptures have been created using glass that was destined for a landfill...We feel are are doing our part for the environment by turning what was first thought rubbish into beautiful sculptures. Plus saving the manufacturers a lot of money as they have to pay for the glass to be disposed of....If you would like a glass sculpture that is going to be beautiful and environmentally friendly...check out our collection of glass statues

We started to create glass sculptures in 2004...this was after we visited an interior design seminar and saw the wide range and popularity of glass in design.

We did a huge amount of research in libraries, internet and asking people, and quickly found that glass moulding is a secretive process...each glass artist has their own way of working and creating what they want in terms of artwork...and we are no has taken almost 3-4 years of off and on trial and error...and I mean lots of errors to develop the processes of creating our glass figurative sculptures. But now we are loving the results...beautiful figurative sculptures made of is our latest creation

During the time of making the glass moulds we experienced a number of problems, wax moulds, using recycled glass, new glass, developing contacts with glass suppliers, the impact glass thickness has on the fusing process...

In the end you are benefiting from years of developing a process that ends with a beauty sculpture in solid glass of the nude male or female form

We are experts in creating the moulds of the human form by first starting a business called NakedArt, we create sculptures from live models, mainly in a resin form, but wanted to develop that further into other mediums...hence our use of Glass...

check out our other sculptures

Cindy Ann Coldiron author has taken forty artists that take the raw material of recycled glass and transform it into an astonishingly creative medium for sculpture and design. This “green” book is packed with photos of original recycled glass craft and sculpture representing emerging and established artists from Swaziland to Australia to Canada and the United States, and of course us in New Zealand, as well as photos of three public art sculptures that tell a story from design to construction to the final installation. This book also provides an overview of the technical issues in working with recycled glass and step-by-step instructions on creating four glass craft and sculpture projects. Also included is an overview of trend setting green companies who are using recycled glass in interior design and decorative and utilitarian products such as tiles, countertops, and drinking vessels. This is a great resource for interior designers, “green” or LEED professionals, homeowners, museums, galleries, art collectors, art educators, artists, and individuals seeking to start a “green” glass business. available from Amazon Books for a special price of  $31.17


NakedArt - sculptures from live models                  Forever Young Photography

                                                                              specializing in photographing people           

Many other people love glass...

people have written songs about glass....

Lyrics to Beauty Through Broken Glass :

Glass hailed from the sky tonight

I couldn't hide to save my life.

Standing drenched from open wounds.

You took my hand, and pulled me through.


I want to give you everything

Ill give you my all because you gave me

You gave me your lips

a gentle kiss

the medicine to cure my pain

listen to all this glass shatter.

i peirced my ears and made them bleed.

Now sounds so beautiful

Cause you're beatiful.

You're beautiful.

It seems everytime I create one of our glass sculptures, I would cut my hand at least once or twice...I suppose that is thing with glass it is beautiful but comes with an edge

Here is The History of Glass

Glass is an inorganic solid material that is usually clear or translucent with different colors. It is hard, brittle, and stands up to the effects of wind, rain or sun.

Glass has been used for various kinds of bottles and utensils, mirrors, windows and more. It is thought to have been first created around 3000 BC, during the bronze age. Egyptian glass beads date back to about 2500 BC.

Mosaic Glass

Modern glass originated in Alexandria during the Ptolemaic period, artisans created "mosaic glass" in which slices of colored glass were used to create decorative patterns.


Glassblowing was invented during the 1st century BC by the glassmakers of Syria.

Lead Crystal Glass

During the 15th century in Venice, the first clear glass called cristallo was invented and then heavily exported. In 1675, glassmaker George Ravenscroft invented lead crystal glass by adding lead oxide to Venetian glass.

Sheet Glass

On March 25, 1902, Irving W Colburn patented the sheet glass drawing machine, making the mass production of glass for windows possible.

Glass jars and Bottles

On August 2, 1904, a patent for a "glass shaping machine" was granted to Michael Owen. The immense production of bottles, jars, and other containers owes its inception to this invention.

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 Glass Sculpture - The Collection - The Process - The Artists - Inspiration - Figurative Art - LinksThe_Glass_Collection_-_Glass_Statues.htmlGlass_Slumping_the_Process.htmlAbout_The_Artists_-_Glass_Sculpture_Artists.htmlGlass_Artists_-_That_are_our_inspiration.htmlNaked_Art_-_sculptures_from_live_models.htmlLinks_-_Glass_Sculptures.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6